Amazing places to eat in Tramore

Knowing some restaurants to explore when you are on vacation is going to be beneficial and Tramore is a location where there are lots of amazing establishments to choose from. Discover some of the best places to eat in 2018 below.

The Victoria House

This is a gorgeous restaurant that looks out over Tramore Bay. There is a wide range of dishes including pork, fish pie, and steak. There are also many vegetarian and gluten-free options if you have particular needs that have to be met. The service at The Victoria House is amazing and there is an extensive wine list from which to choose the one to wash down your meal.

Brooklyn Restaurant

The food at this restaurant is simply exquisite both in terms of appearance and taste. It’s a busy restaurant but the staff works hard and ensures the high-quality meals come out consistently. Some of what you can enjoy here includes soup, prawns, steak, pizza and more. Brooklyn Restaurant is actually pretty well known for doing the best black pudding in the area.

Lagoon Seafood & Fusion

If you are a fan of seafood, this restaurant, as the name suggests, is going to be right up your alley. From battered fish and chips to dishes that are a little more adventurous including black sole, mussels, fresh lobster and more. All the meals are cooked really well and it’s apparent that there is so much love and care that go into the dishes.

The Pine Rooms

This gorgeous little establishment looks homely and beautiful from the outside and the inside. There are tons of high-quality meals on the menu and the pork belly seems to be a particular favourite with customers. All staff members are really accommodating and can advise you about the dishes. It is also very reasonably priced here, which is always a plus.