Is Tramore the Luckiest Town in Ireland?

Tramore is such a small seaside town in Ireland, that it is almost unheard of for somebody to become a millionaire overnight but that’s exactly what happened recently when a winning lottery ticket was sold at Tramore service station. The Euro million ticket saw a lucky punter win €1,000,000, which has delighted the owner of the store who sold the ticket Elaine Farrell and locals alike. The nice weather that Tramore has been having lately was certainly made even brighter for whoever scooped the prize and one can only speculate what they are going to do with such a nice sum of money. As if one win in this town wasn’t unlikely enough, somebody won a million in a similar draw almost exactly a year before. Why not check out the latest lottery results and you could find yourself with a similar cash sum in your bank soon enough.

Elsewhere this week, just down the road in Mayo, an individual won €500,000 on The Daily Millions Plus Draw. To have all these wins in such a tight knit location is extraordinary and led Elaine to say that Tramore in County Waterford could well be emerging as the luckiest town in the whole of Ireland and possibly all of the UK. When such a small town produces this kind of luck for people, it really makes residents excited for what is to come. Is the luck going to stay in this place or is it going to go somewhere else? Only time will tell.

If you are visiting a Tramore resort on your holidays this year, be sure to get yourself a lottery ticket and you might just join the lucky winners, guaranteed to make your visit even more amazing. In addition to the calming atmosphere of Tramone, surely this is another reason to visit the town.