If Tramore is a place that you are interested in going to on your holidays, you need to be aware that there are a variety of festivals in the town that might be of interest to you. Here you can find some of them and a little more information about what they involve.

Viking Festival

The Viking Triangle and Apple Market in Waterford are holding their very first Viking festival, which is a must-go-to location for any fan of this little piece of history. There are numerous events that will both educate you and take you back in time for some one-off moments that you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Waterford City Artbeat

Forget Glastonbury, this local music festival sees locals and tourists come together to celebrate good music. This happens every Saturday of the year in the Viking triangle and it’s completely free to get into. Share good vibes with others as you discover some new bands that might have been right on your doorstep without you even realising it.

Waterford Viking Marathon 2018

If you were interested in the previously mentioned Viking festival, then you’ll surely be interested in this event too, especially if you are into fitness. This is basically a marathon that runs through the city of Waterford, with the options to run both a quarter or a half depending on your fitness level.

Summer In The City

Sun, laughter, and beaches are things to be celebrated and this is what the Summer in the City festival is all about, so embrace that atmosphere with those you care about. This goes ahead every Friday and Saturday throughout the summer in Tramore and it always attracts crowds people. There is always entertainment for the children to enjoy, in addition to live music acts and food/drink for the adults to make the most of.