Shopping in Tramore 2018

The seaside resort of Tramore is no Oxford Street, London but it still has a variety of shops so that you can get the necessities and perhaps do a little more browsing than what you initially expected when you are in the town. Some of the shops in the area, as of 2018, are as follows:

There are a couple of basic stores throughout the town where you can get things like bread, milk, cigarettes and other grocery items that you need, these shops are Gala Convenience Store and Cahills Newsagents. You can meet your alcohol needs at Carry Out Off Licence. Fancy a delicious pastry to eat while doing your shopping? make a stop at The Seagull Bakery Tramore for some delicious options.

If you like looking for bargains, the charity shop Loved Again has a whole bunch of items that you might find of interest. In addition, if you find yourself needing to get some medicine during your trip, Haven Pharmacy is right there as well. Providing you with lots of items for the home, with quality just as good as Ikea is Redhaus Interiors Tramore. Perhaps you want to do a bit of clothes shopping during your holiday as you embrace the Irish fashion. Redlane Boutique and Satina Boutique Tramore, which are two high-quality stores, are where you would find exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t forget to buy a little something for your loved one back home. You can do this at the Holiday Souvenir Shop, where there is a range of both useful and fun items to check out. Most of the shops mentioned are bundled closely together in Tramore for your convenience. In addition to the shops, there are also a bunch of restaurants and takeaways where you can grab your favourite dish.