Tramore Prom Festival Proves a Big Hit

Tramore Promenade Festival has just completed its fifth year and it’s proved itself to be even more popular than ever before with a variety of different interesting acts that entertained tourists and locals alike. The weather was amazing this year at the event, which doesn’t always happen with the Irish weather so visitors were really grateful for this and it really helped boost the festival up an extra level.

There were several speakers at the event to kick it off including Frank King (founder of Tramore Amusement Park) and Helen Young, who is one of the chair people from the festival. The speakers thanked the organisers and and sponsors of the event before it went ahead.

The festival. as always, was held on the promenade of Tramore which really made the day extra special for everyone. There was an amazing kite show, which actually went ahead with the opening of the World Cup 2018 going on in the background on a big screen TV. The Chainsaw Carvers was a very impressive and unique display that wowed the festival-goers. Some other notable acts who worked hard and showed off their amazing skills all weekend long included a magic show, a metal man, a mine artist and even a juggler. There were plenty of singers and live music acts too for those who prefer something like this.

In addition to the entertainment, there were other things that kept everyone interested. This included delicious food stands, sweet stalls, and places to buy local souvenirs from the area. There was also a doggie day care and grooming so even your pooch could join in with the festivities. Fun was had by all at the Tramore Prom Festival 2018 and next year, it’s going to be bigger still so make sure that you do not miss out.