Who Is the Metal Man?

Many places throughout the world have landmarks but who would have thought that a small seaside town in Ireland would have such a prominent one with such an inspirational message? When people hear the word “Tramore”, one of the first things they think of is the metal man and he is a symbol of something extra special for those who have a deeper tie to the town.

Near Newtown Cove, there are three pillars and the metal man stands on one of them, sadly pointing towards where a tragedy occurred many years ago as a mark of respect. In 1816, 360 people died as the HMS seahorse sank due to bad weather. The maritime beacons were erected to pay tribute to the lives lost and the metal man has stood strong ever since. Why not visit this landmark and then go to a pub to raise a toast to the fallen?

The metal man is made from iron and was designed by a talented man named Thomas Kirk. Although the statue is visible to anyone who might be in the area, the use of binoculars is required to see him up close because he is so high up. You can’t get too close either because he is on private property and the pillars are surrounded by cliffs which are dangerous and best avoided. In terms of appearance, the metal man is fully clad head to toe in the clothes of a British soldier including a blue jacket, white trousers, and a red top.

There is no Tramore as we know it without the famous metal man, who is loved by tourists and locals to the area. If you want to come and see him for yourself, fit him into your holiday plans and you are not going to regret it.